Mie Mo

LOVE EVERYONE (please scream inside your heart)
Gaze, inkjet, hår, video, lyd

  Sickbrain is told that it has a neural malfunction, that it is human, flawed, sick.
  It is told to reevaluate its feelings, its reactions, its past.
  It is told to ask: do i recognize myself in these symptons, have they been a part of my life, 
  was I manic when I fell in love, was it depression when I thought i didn’t love you anymore. 
  What is real and what is not, what is natural and what is not.
  Sickbrain only knows its own patterns, how should it determine if they are sick?

  Perfectbrain is the ideal brain. 
  The systematic, rational, artificial machine-brain.
  Other Perfectbrains are used to diagnose and predict. 

  Sickbrain is told by the system: 
  This is the the flat space you have to move in. 
  These are the images of brain activity that proves it. 
  This is your prognosis, these statistics are about you.
  Sickbrain evaluates, it does not really believe. 

  Perfectbrain only knows the physical landscapes it has been trained to recognize, 
  how should it determine if the inner ones are sick?

  Sickbrain collects two datasets; 
  one for symptoms and experiences with hypomania. Another for depression. 
  Sickbrain feeds the images to Perfectbrain.

  Perfectbrain reads the datasets. It looks for patterns, connections, things it recognizes. 
  One part of it makes up new images of the sick reality with its ideal neural connections. 
  The other part of Perfectbrain evaluates the images. It asks: real or not. 

  Sickbrain sees its own diagnostic images. 
  It changes it's datasets 31 times. 
  Then it generates. It evaluates if they are true, it asks: real or not.